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Academics say rich nations owe poor ones $192 Trillion for "atmospheric appropriation"

• by Jo Nova

Jo Nova says that fossil fuels built a civilization that invented cars, trains, planes, penicillin, the Haber-Bosch process, and clean water — making seven billion more lives possible. Fossil Fueled nations added free fertilizer to the atmosphere, increased crops and forests, greened the world and fed more people than ever.

The uncosted benefits far outweigh the imaginary losses, so call off the parasites and let's consider it all a free gift. What are seven billion lives worth?

It's just another jumped up claim, not to feed the poor, but to enrich the bureaucrat class:

Rich Nations Owe $192 Trillion for Causing Climate Change, New Analysis Finds

By Chelsea HarveyE&E News on June 6, 2023, Scientific American

High carbon countries owe at least $192 trillion to low-emitting nations in compensation for their greenhouse gas pollution. That's the conclusion of a new paper published Monday in the journal Nature Sustainability by researchers Andrew Fanning and Jason Hickel.

…they divided the carbon budgets into fair shares for every country. Each nation gets a slice of the budget according to its size and population.

And that's retrospective back to 1960 because the science was settled then.