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$300 Barrel Dead Ahead - Fade to Black: Is This the End of Oil?

• Comments: B. Peterson, Article: Michael Savage
Our addiction to oil has brought us to the brink of change, and since we cannot seem to curb this dependency on our own, it looks like nature is going to do it for us whether we like it or not.

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Comment by Barbara Peterson
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Logic dictates that oil is a finite resource that cannot last forever. Therefore, wise use of that resource should be the way to go. However, the ultra-rich will not curtail their use of it, so the closer we get to the end of the oil age, the more expensive it will get.

This means that for the rich it will simply be life as usual for as long as the oil is available. For the poor it will be a matter of extreme hardship and a definite life-changing experience learning how to live without gasoline and oil, and the resources that go along with it.

I see a definite two-tier class structure coming about.

Comment by James Baxter
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No, nature has not run out of oil. We have become dumb lambs allowing the environmental religionists to care more about dirt than valuing human beings.

There is still enough reserves in Alaska, the 48, and off-shore, to last many generations. binding us to ignore Reality and endure a self-imposed lack.

Good stewardship would encourage creative progression into other energy sources, easily within the space-time allowance of nature. We need to wise-up to the fearful ignorant control-freaks.

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