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Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes is being tortured in DC Gulag following conviction...

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(Natural News) Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced on Thursday May 25th in Washington DC.

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Far-left Obama-appointed US District Judge Amit Mehta on Thursday sentenced Rhodes to 18 years in federal prison. This was after he added extra years to his sentence because he believed Rhodes' actions amounted to terrorism. This was completely ludicrous. The soulless judge then lectured him on what a danger he was to society.

Rhodes is currently 57. If this kangaroo court's conviction stands, Rhodes will be 75 when he is released.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes:

** NEVER went inside the US Capitol on January 6.
** He never instructed anyone to go inside the US Capitol.
** He was unarmed as were all of his Oath Keeper associates that day.
** They left their weapons outside of the city in their hotel rooms.
** There was no plan to enter the US Capitol.
** There was no scheme to take over the government with their bare hands.
** There were no pre-planning meetings on how they were going to take over the Capitol.
** The prosecution was a sham.
** There was no evidence of an insurrection – at all!
** The jury was a pool of DC Communists and unhinged left-wing activists who see themselves as victims.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Did Rhodes volunteer to be adjudicated against? If he accepted being a client of an attorney, rather than standing in court unrepresented, he actually agreed that the courts have the right to adjudicate his case without him having any say in the matter. If he didn't have representation, but stood present in court, and the judge acted against his standing as a man, he or some of his buddies should be suing the judge or the courts for this illegal act,

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