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CIA Report on Vietnam POW John McCain

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John McCain has used his power as a Senator to classify military documents on his internment in Vietnam POW camps. Here is a very incomplete leaked/ released collection of documents pertaining to that time. What is he hiding?

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Who ever stole these papers,is on McCain`s side,and,is helping McCain put one over one the American people.
If a real American took papers from the POW files,he would have taken the papers that tell us the story,the whole story,and nothing else.
I suggest the the one that took these papers,go back and get the papers that tell of McCain`s true color`s.Not something we already know.
We know that the people Down Below could have just as well been American.He won`t flinch when he kills Americans either.
It`s just a GAME WITH JOHN.I mean! we are below him,in his mind.