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Tucker Carlson Takes Aim At "Wannabe Dictator" Joe Biden

•, by Tyler Durden

After delivering an epic condemnation of the Deep State ('permanent Washington') in his previous episode - which has now been view over 90 million times - Tucker Carlson turns his acerbic eye first to his former employer - Fox News - and then to the "wannabe dictator" in The White House.

On Tuesday this week, shortly after former President Trump's arrest, Fox News ran two video feeds (of Biden and Trump) simultaneously with the following chyron: "wannabe dictator speaks at The White House after having his political rival arrested."

The words were on the screen less than 30 seconds but the effect was immediate inside Fox as Carlson notes "the women who run the network panicked... first they scolded the producer... less than 24 hours after that, he resigned (he'd been at Fox for more than a decade, considered one of the most capable people in the building."

Then, the company issued a public apology: "the chyron was taken down immediately," adding ominously that the situation was "addressed."

The rest of the media were 'outraged' - "suggesting Biden is a dictator crossed the line" remarked The Washington Post.

Several members of the liberati called for the banning of any criticism of the President, laughingly demanding an action that only dictators would do, demanding actions against Fox News, such as banning it from military bases or revoking its broadcasting license.

But here's the former Fox News host's first point:

"Democrats were very very angry... but why were they angry? If the banner was false, why the hysteria? Lies don't seem to bother anyone anymore... if some cable news producer had called Biden a genius, or secretly Sudanese, would anyone be yallin gabout it?"