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Report: Obama White House included Hunter Biden on internal email about Joe Biden's...

•, Harris Rigby

Just in case you thought that it was only Joe and Hunter in on the corruption around Ukraine and Burisma during Joe's vice presidency, this newest report shows just how involved the Obama White House was.

Obama's administration was scheduling meetings for Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Poroshenko WHILE Hunter was working for Burisma in Ukraine for a million dollars a year.

This is already a well-known fact; however, this newest report shows that Obama's White House would CC Hunter Biden on emails about these meetings, effectively keeping him in the loop on the government's talks with Ukraine.

A White House scheduling email sent to then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden ahead of a call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was also sent to his son Hunter who was serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm looking to escape a corruption probe...

The timing of the call, however, coincides with Hunter Biden's $1 million-a-year job on the board for Burisma, which allegedly hired him to help dodge charges from the Ukrainian prosecutor general.

This is as corrupt as corrupt can get.

VP Joe Biden was pressuring the Ukrainian president to stop poking around and investigating a business that was giving his son $1 million a year.

MEANWHILE, the Obama White House was apparently keeping Hunter Biden apprised of the efforts to pressure Ukraine.

The White House scheduling email was sent on May 26, 2016, from Mr. Biden's assistant, John S. Flynn. It was disclosed by the National Archives in response to a Freedom of Information Request and mined by an online FOIA sleuth who gave it to The Washington Times.