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It NEVER Benefits the People: The Dark History of Socialism and Communism in Romania

• by Daisy Luther

One thing I became particularly interested in was the more recent history of Socialism and Communism in the country. It's important to note that throughout the life of Nicolae Ceausescu, the words "communism" and "socialism" were used pretty much interchangeably, and that's because no matter what idealists want to admit, they're the fruit of the same poisonous tree.

For every young person who says, "This is different, it's democratic socialism," please take note: it always starts out "differently" but it always ends in the same place.

Following is my personal interpretation of this history, based on personal research inspired by visits to museums, historical sites, the Palace of the Parliament, conversations with Romanians, and the home of Nicolae Ceausescu and his family. It's an interesting example because it's so recent. I believe it can be used as a case study for how this form of government is instituted, how things devolve, and how it ends up. This is the road we do not want to take, but it's the road being laid out for us by many in power.