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Ukraine Complete Disaster – Neocons Lose Again?

• by Martin Armstrong

The American Neocons are being confronted with the fact that there NEVER was any chance that Ukraine would defeat Russia and putting this high-heel questionable gender dancer in high heels in charge of war was in itself a war crime. There is absolutely no war Ukraine can win anything. This is why Zelensky has been so desperate o drag in NATO because he knows they cannot retake the Donbas no less defeat Russia. The American Neocons were hoping to weaken Russia so they could contrive some scheme to justify going in for the kill.

There are rumblings behind the curtain now that a peace deal has to be struck of Ukraine will collapse if their own troops do not rise up and assassinate Zelensky for his profiteering and slaughter of his own people. After all, numerous Roman generals found themselves in a position where they did not want to fight so they assassinated their leader. In the case of Maximinus I (235-238AD), his own men, humiliated by their defeat, now entered the tent of Maximinus and murdered him. To demonstrate their new loyalty to Rome, they cut off his head and sent it to Rome. This was no isolated incident. It became rather common for the troops when ordered to fight a wrong war, turned to assassinate their own general.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal on July 23rd wrote:

"Western military officials knew Kyiv didn't have all the training or weapons—from shells to warplanes—that it needed to dislodge Russian forces. But they hoped Ukrainian courage and resourcefulness would carry the day."