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UFO 'expert' who was studied by NASA for YEARS claims he can summon 'alien orbs by praye


'I ask them to come, and they come. I don't know why, but they do,' Chris Bledsoe told Jesse Watters Primetime on Wednesday. 

Believers in orbs have various explanations for them. Some claim they're the spirits of dead loved ones, while others believe they're linked to aliens - but there is zero scientific evidence that proves their existence. 

The former homebuilder claims he has had the capability to summon the extra-terrestrials for fifteen years. 

Bledsoe recalled how during a 2007 fishing trip he prayed to the heavens after his business had suffered following the 9/11 attacks and an orbit appeared in the darkness.  

'I was thinking the worst thoughts and I was crying out to the heavens, "Whoever's up there, I need help,"' he told the presenter. 

'That's when I walked around the corner and up to the top of the hill and these three big balls of fire were sitting about 300 yards away, and the next thing I know I walked back to the fire and it was close to four hours later, and there had been a manhunt for me and I had no clue that any more than twenty minutes had passed' he explained. 

Bledsoe claims that since then he has been able to summon the orbs through thought alone. 

'I ask them to come, and they come. I don't know why, but they do.' 

Bledsoe has been the subject of a recent History Channel documentary as part of their UFO-focused series 'Beyond Skinwalker Ranch'. 

The team of professionals, including a former CIA investigator and an award-winning journalist attempted to study Bledsoe's account, but came up with no definitive answers.