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Funny How The UFO Narrative Coincides With The Race To Weaponize Space

• By: Caitlin Johnstone

Imagine someone from 2013 hearing congressional testimonies about "routine" military pilot encounters with giant flying tic tacs, floating orbs, 300-foot red squares, and cubes in clear spheres zipping around in ways that surpass all known earthly technology by leaps and bounds, or about secret government possession of otherworldly aircraft they're trying to reverse engineer and the dead bodies of their non-human pilots, or about the possibility that these creatures are not merely extraterrestrial but extra-dimensional. Their jaws would have hit the floor.

Now in 2023 we've been getting incrementally drip-fed bits and pieces of these stories for six years, so the scene on Capitol Hill on Wednesday didn't have the impact it would've had in 2013. It's making headlines and getting attention, but not as much as Sinead O'Connor's death or people's thoughts on Barbie and Oppenheimer. The response from the general public could be described as a collective nervous laugh and a shrug.

People scroll past the footage from the hearing on social media, go "Whoa, that's weird," and move on with their lives. The information's going in, but just kind of on the periphery of mainstream consciousness. Maybe next year they'll show us something that would've been even more shocking to someone in 2013 than Wednesday's hearing would've been, and it will be met with the same nervous laugh and shrug by the people of 2024.