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Prepare For An Alien Invasion… And Extraterrestrials Too

•, Jeff Berwick

And, while we have been anticipating the Big Distraction, the deepfake ETs have patiently been waiting for their big moment, eating red M&Ms backstage while production's shuffling around the moon landing props and preparing the green-slime screen. 

Which, by the way, is similar to the green-scam screen, but more about that in our next video. 

Ah… aliens. Everyone loves aliens. 

Of course, there are a great many kinds of aliens, including the, 

Scaly, horny well-connected ones who crack themselves up at ordinary human conventions
Grays, usually skinny and vacant-eyed with poor communication skills, often encountered 
Eggheads in Klingon space suits, who feed on insectoids and babies' blood
Pale goblin-like blobs with manic giggles and poor eyesight
Hive-mind swarms who arrive in their space rafts to plunder everything in sight and then expect free stuff 
Whether it's a world where they're running rampant—like, say Guardians of the Galaxy—or a world where they're basically hunting us down one-by-one—like, say, the entire Ruling Class Cabal franchise—an Alien always makes for a great movie hook. 

Or, a great diversion… 

In today's Jeff & Lucy Meets Fluffy Free Dogs In Mexico, we talk about all of this, as well as the Sins of the Fathers, which have presented us with the likes of Justine Castreau and Crack-Whack Biden. 

And, Elon Musk, who is primed to provide the idiocracy with the illusion of choice to make your slavedom less painful. Complete with the illusion of a Bread and Circuses cage fight with Data, the fully functional android from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

That, motherfuckers, is not real.