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How Jimmy Dore Broke Out of the Propaganda Matrix

•, By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Like me, Dore grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He packed up his belongings and drove to Los Angeles, California, in 1995, and never looked back.

"Everything worked out in Los Angeles for me when I got to town," he says. "It was a real refuge being around all the other comedians and actors and artists. I got lucky, I got an agent right away and I was able to get on television right away. So everything worked out."

Exiting the Matrix

I'm impressed with Dore's critical thinking skills because, like most people, he got caught up in the propaganda and believed the COVID jab would be a good strategy. He took the shot, suffered side effects from it, and had to find a holistic physician who was able to guide him back to health.

Unlike most people, however, Dore was able to put two and two together after that, and realized he'd been duped. The shot was nowhere near as safe (or effective) as they claimed. After that realization, he started seeing through other propaganda narratives as well.

"I was completely propagandized," he says. "I have a bone condition that I have to treat every day, so I was afraid. They made it sound like if you got COVID, it's going to go find the most vulnerable part of your body, it's going to infect it and kill you. So, I was convinced that if I got it, it was going to go right to my bones and kill me.

I was scared to death. So, I knew I was going to take the vaccine — and I was afraid to look into it. This is true, right? Because I knew I was going to take it anyway, and because both of my doctors had told me to take it, because they didn't know any better. None of us knew at the time that they were suppressing accurate information. I didn't know that. Neither did my doctors.

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