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Unraveling the Mystery of Europe's Mysterious Erdstall Tunnels

• arclein

The erdstall is type of tunnel prominently found scattered across Europe, predominantly in Bavaria, southeast Germany, and Austria. Thought to be crafted during the Medieval period, some theorists argue that these ancient subterranean structures date back to the Stone Age. The purpose of these mysterious tunnels remains a tantalizing enigma. Advocates for the Stone Age theory propose that these tunnels formed an extensive underground network stretching from Scotland to Turkey. Erdstall Construction The term 'erdstall' originates from German, signifying 'earth stable' or 'mining tunnel.' While there are various kinds of subterranean tunnels worldwide, the erdstalls have unique characteristics that set them apart. Typically, an erdstall network includes narrow, low tunnels, often oval-shaped and running either vertically or horizontally. These intriguing tunnels usually span between 20 and 50 meters. An especially distinctive feature is the 'schlupf' or 'slip out' ?" incredibly ti