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LEAKED Secret "Cypher" Catches Biden Red Handed in Ouster of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran


Beattie pointed out the striking parallels between Trump and Khan — both were international superstar celebrities in the 80s, both defeated two corrupt political dynasties to score an historic populist victory in the 2010s, both are hated by their respective deep states, both were ousted from power by their respective deep states, and both are facing multiple indictments from a corrupt justice department controlled by political enemies.

Beattie highlights some of these parallels in his introduction to the interview, which has now amassed over 2 million views across platforms.

Beattie was one of the last two journalists to interview Khan before the corrupt establishment of Pakistan arrested him and tossed him in jail on a phony corruption charge. According to our sources, Khan now languishes in a small 6×9 cell, not allowed a phone, books, newspaper, or human contact, with only insects and flies to keep him company. If the Pakistani deep state can send Pakistan's beloved populist leader Khan to prison, surely Biden is salivating at the prospect of a similar fate for Trump.