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The Educated Class and David Brooks

• arclein

Analysis: This line indicates that the Fake News is no longer preparing the way for Fake Election results. Without the constant advance trumpeting of "Trump is trailing," an election cannot be credibly stolen. Brooks: What's going on here? Why is this guy still politically viable, after all he's done? We anti-Trumpers often tell a story to explain that. In this story, we anti-Trumpers are the good guys, the forces of progress and enlightenment. The Trumpers are reactionary bigots and authoritarians. Many Republicans support Trump no matter what, according to this story, because at the end of the day, he's still the bigot in chief, the embodiment of their resentments and that's what matters to them most. Analysis: Can it be that Brooks is actually framing the argument of the "anti-Trumpers" up as a Straw Man which he is about to knock down? It sure sounds like it.

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