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Top U.S. doctor group wants taxpayers to fund uterus transplants for men!

• World Net Daily

Many years ago, radical feminists and other pro-abortion women started a new chant against pro-life Catholics standing up for the defenseless unborn: "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!"

Well, now an update of that defiant slogan might be in order, this time screamed by male-to-female transgender "women": "We demand your your ovaries because we're 'trans women' (even though we were born with penises) and we want to have babies like other women!"

OK, that's not a very snappy slogan, and it might not serve the political Left very well, but if trans activists have their way, perhaps, more realistically, we could soon be hearing a version of this chant, achieved through what conservatives are calling "Frankenstein"-like "transgender medicine":