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Javier Milei: The Argentine Economist Who Could Become the First Libertarian President ...

• by Michael Peterson

Once upon a time, before the First World War, Argentina comfortably stood as one of the ten richest countries in the world. But shortly after Juan Perón took power in 1943, the country embarked on a series of socialist reforms that would knee cap the economy and turn it into an economic backwater, out of which it has yet to return. The country used to be considered a "new Europe." Now its buildings look older than their ancient European ancestors.

Libertarianism, or liberalism as it is called in Latin America, has never garnered as much attention as it has today. Javier Milei is a big reason why. Milei, a boisterous economist and television personality, has rebranded the classical liberal tradition in a way that speaks to the experience of Argentines and their lifelong struggle with economic stagnation.

"Liberalism is founded on the non-aggression principle," he says in his victory speech to a group of supporters after a surprising sweep in Argentina's presidential primaries this month. If Milei succeeds in the October general election, which is likely to lead to a runoff, he would be the first libertarian president in modern history.

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