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Original Team Says LK99 Superconductivity Is Real -

• by Brian Wang

The original LK99 team reassures the world that LK99 superconductivity is real and was demonstrated. They will provide evidence and answers in the next published paper. They recommend other researchers need to have patience and try harder (and implied is to work with the original Korean team) because the others will also make it superconduct. They give example that it took 2 years to prove his metal insulator transition work, which also ended up being proven correct.

Professor Kim Hyun-tak's answer (Korean time, August 19 night)

The review report of the journal paper will come soon, and we are preparing the expected answer [The team will respond to criticism and negative papers.].

Regarding question 1, the Nature article is a compilation of the experiences of researchers who have not seen superconductivity. don't listen. Our paper demonstrates superconductivity.

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