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Fertility Crisis Will Cause National and Global Financial Crisis and Greatly Increases...

•, by Brian Wang

Robin Hanson had a lot of tweets about the global fertility crisis. Nextbigfuture has had many articles about the important topic of the fertility crisis.

I will be talking with Robin Hanson this Friday and posting a video recording of the conversation.

I cite the movie Inception where the Japanese character Saito offers the hope of the main character reuniting with his children by taking a risk. Japan is the nation that is leading the way into a fertility crisis with not enough babies or children. The lack of children and families is increasing the percentage of people who are growing old and dying alone. Kodokushi (???) or lonely death is a Japanese phenomenon of people dying alone and remaining undiscovered for a long period of time. NLI Research Institute, a Tokyo think tank, estimates that about 30,000 people nationwide die this way each year. However, there is a far larger number of solitary and lonely elderly in Japan. A study on Japanese older adults reported that 31.5% were socially isolated. In addition, it has been reported that 27.0% of older adults in the United Kingdom and 24% of older adults in the United States are socially isolated. People cannot unite with children that they never have. They have to take a leap of faith to have children.