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Inside the Mexico vs. US Trade War Over Glyphosate and GM Corn

• By Ben Bartee

"With the objective of achieving self-sufficiency and food sovereignty, our country must be oriented towards establishing a sustainable and culturally adequate agricultural production, through the use of agroecological practices and inputs that are safe for human health, the country's biocultural diversity and the environment, as well as congruent with the agricultural traditions of Mexico…

In recent years, different scientific investigations have warned that said chemical has harmful effects on health, both in humans and in some animal species, and has been identified as a probable carcinogen in humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer…

Various countries have banned the use of the aforementioned substance* in agrochemicals and many others are evaluating the implementation of similar and other measures to protect the population

In such circumstances, our country must maintain an active participation in the search for instruments that allow it to have sustainable agricultural production through the use of inputs that are safe for human and animal health and the environment."

*Glyphosate is currently banned or limited in at least 25 countries as well as localities within the United States.