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Watch: Maui Residents Turned Back By Police Barricades Recount Their Brush With Death

•, by Tyler Durden

Without any obvious pressure from the federal government to get answers, Hawaii's Democrat leadership is left to its own devices.  They are even attempting an information blackout instead of begging Maui citizens for their forgiveness.  

Multiple reports from Lahaina indicate that West Maui residents ran into government barricades while trying to flee the rapidly expanding fire; with the survivors being forced to disobey the blocks and bypass police.  It's yet another bizarre occurrence in a long list of disastrous decisions made by Hawaiian officials that likely cost hundreds (if not thousands) of lives.  

The government gave no warning siren, denied access to water for fighting back the blaze, and set up barricades which stopped people from escaping.  It's almost as if the state government did not care about a high body count...

The following video is an overview of first hand footage recorded by Maui citizens, recounting their brush with death after they barely slipped past the rushing fire only to be turned back into the inferno by police blockades.  Luckily they lived, some only by running into the ocean to wait out the fires.  The question remains - Why did this happen?  How could a place surrounded by water be allowed to burn so easily with families being chased into the sea?  How did Hawaiian officials make the worst possible decisions at every turn?  Was it incompetence, or, something else?