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Hundreds of ULEZ cameras destroyed by vigilante group following wider London roll-out

• Art of Liberty Daily News

The camera map, published on a popular anti-ULEZ Facebook page, allows users to update it when a camera has been rendered out of action. The black pins represent cameras that are now missing or damaged. In the southeast town of Orpington, just two of the new number plate recognition cameras were in working order on the day of the ULEZ expansion after vigilantes smashed, spray-painted, or cut the wires of 14 cameras on a single road. Video footage and photographs of disruptors vandalizing the cameras have been published on social media, much to the delight of those critical of the scheme. Despite their criminal activity, the vigilantes have received political support, including from a former Conservative Party leader and cabinet minister, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who insisted he was "happy" for Londoners to fight back because "they are facing an imposition that no one wants and they have been lied to about it." "A lot of people in my constituency have been cementing