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Brazil Displaces US As Corn-Exporter King As Trade Winds Shift

• by Tyler Durden

The latest example of a multi-polar world is the US being displaced by BRICS country Brazil as the world's top corn supplier. 

The US held the crown for fifty years as the world's top corn exporter. A new Blomberg report, citing data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), shows the five-decade reign is over:

In the 2023 harvest year, the US will account for about 23% of global corn exports, well below Brazil's nearly 32%, US Department of Agriculture data show. Brazil is seen holding onto its lead in the 2024 planting year that begins Sept. 1, too. Only once in data going back to the Kennedy administration did America drop out of first place before: for a single year in 2013 following a devastating drought. The US corn-exporting industry has never before spent two back-to-back years in second place — until now.