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An Appeal - Dr Naomi Wolf...

• Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf

Dear Readers,

A new wave of national and global attacks is upon me and my colleagues. These attacks notably come after my reporting on the findings of the extraordinary WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, working under the able leadership of Amy Kelly.

The stories that that team broke, and my relentless reporting on those stories, helped to contribute to q1 and q2 reports in which Pfizer confirmed that they'd lost 89 per cent of their manufacturing demand due to 'noncompliance'.

This is a treacherous time for those few of us remaining who do real reporting on what have become taboo subjects. Heroes such as Dr Makis, Dr Kory, Dr Tenpenny, and Dr McCullough, along with many others, face escalated legal and licensing threats.

I for my part was appalled to find from my attorney that not only did the White House, colluding with the CDC, Twitter, and Facebook, target my voice and work, including my accurate 2021 tweet warning that women were having menstrual problems post-mMRNA vaccination, but I also recently learned that the Mayor of New York City hired a third party surveillance company to mine and analyze my social media commentary; frighteningly, the report his administration commissioned identified me, to my own mayor, as being an inhabitant of New York.

These attacks are not without consequences to me.