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Incredibly Expensive Things Found Only in Dubai

•, By Daniel Rosenblat

Dubai attracts celebrity vacationers like Robert De Niro, the Kardashians, and pretty much every Instagram influencer out there. The city, which has a GDP of $108 billion, boasts attractions like resorts, marine-life parks, skyscrapers, and artificial islands. The ultramodern architecture contrasts nicely with all of the natural flora and fauna in the emirate.

The people of Dubai are able to indulge themselves in everything from golden desserts to exotic pets. Given the right amount of money, there are not many things that Emiratis are not able to purchase. The following are just a handful of life's hidden pleasures that one can find in Dubai.

1. Water Cars

Est. Value: $135,000*
Produced by: WaterCar

Though WaterCar is an American company that is actually based on SoCal, it is popular in Dubai. WaterCar specializes in manufacturing and developing luxury amphibious cars. The company was founded in 1999 by Dave March, who was so inspired by the 1960s' Amphicar (another amphibious luxury vehicle) that he developed WaterCar.

The first commercial water car was available to the public in 2013 when WaterCar released the Panther. In having a rather reasonable price tag of just over $135, 000, the more recent model has become a popular accessory in Dubai, and not just amongst the higher class, although Dubai's Crown Prince, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, does own six of these amphibious water vehicles, himself.

While driving into the water at speeds just shy of 10mph, the wheels are retracted by a hydraulic off-road suspension. In under fifteen seconds the transition from a land vehicle into a sea-faring one, and vice versa, can be completed. Once the transformation is complete, these 'Bond-esque' vehicles can reach speeds in the water of more than 60mph.