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H.G. Wells' Predictive Programming Revolution: UFOs, Drugs, and the Great Reset

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Of course, the world has been awash in UFO-themed narratives within pop culture since the earliest days of the Cold War.

Even Laurence Rockefeller himself (4th grandson of John D. Rockefeller) got into the game in 1992 by creating the Disclosure Project and bankrolling a bodybuilding military physician named Stephen Greer while recruiting the Clintons and John Podesta into the cause of "UFO Truth"… but it is only in the past few years that official Congressional, Pentagon, and NASA investigations "into off world vehicles not made on this earth," Area 51, Roswell crashes, and crop circles have become part of the official mainstream discourse of the nation.

The Pentagon — not known for any love of transparency (having failed literally six audits since 2001 and losing over $21 trillion according to some estimates) — has deemed it fitting to admit publicly that "off world vehicles not made on this earth" have been in the possession of government agencies for decades.