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Bill Gates is funding a scheme to cut down 70 million acres of forests in North America

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Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kodama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees. The move will see 70 million acres of forests, mostly in the Western United States, cut down over the next decade. After cutting down the trees, Kodama plans to bury them ?" to reduce global warming. However, "global warming" is a scam to enable the rich to become richer and the real reason for the destruction of forests is to reap saleable carbon offsets. The Carbon Cycle The following text in this section is extracted from National Geographic's encyclopaedia intended for children aged 10 to 13. Carbon is in a constant state of movement from place to place. It is stored in what are known as reservoirs, and it moves between these reservoirs through a variety of processes, including photosynthesis, burning fossil fuels, and simply releasing breath from the lungs. The movement of carbon from reservoir to reservoir is known as the carbon cy