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NASCAR Bans White Guys From Internship Program

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Spencer Lindquist, a report for Daily Wire joined the Todd Starnes Radio Show to discuss his jaw-dropping story regarding diversity, inclusion and what was once the most patriotic an unwoke sport in the nation. Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

TODD: [00:58:11] There is a story that caught my eye at The Daily Wire. The headline NASCAR Bans White Applicants from Diversity Internship at NASCAR. Ladies and gentlemen, the author of this jaw dropping story is on our Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line today, the great Spencer Lindquist. Spencer, good to have you with us.

SPENCER: [00:59:04] Thank you very much for having me on.

TODD: [00:59:06] All right. Well, let's jump into this. So NASCAR has an internship program, but they're calling it a diversity internship program. What did you find out about this?

SPENCER: [00:59:17] Exactly. So this NASCAR program at this summer internship called the Diversity Internship Program. And if you look at the program requirements, the very first one stipulates that you have to be one of several approved races. So they've got African-American, Hispanic or Latino. Asian effectively lists all of these different racial groups other than white people. So if you are white and you want to apply for this NASCAR scholarship excuse me, the NASCAR internship, you're ineligible.

TODD: [00:59:47] So and just to be clear, I'm going through the list and I happen to be of the Caucasian persuasion. And someone like me would not be eligible for this program.