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FAIR Finally Plays it Straight


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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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It is unclear what Brock means. But I take it from the pic of a sheet mask under the heading **Q**Racist**Q** means he thinks FAIR is racist.

To me the **Q**nature**Q** of FAIR is to bring public awareness to a serious threat to the USA. Any one who hollers **Q**racist**Q** when illegal immigration is stood against has just told every one that **QQ**Since I have a indefensible position, I am going to cloud the issue by calling my opponents names!**QQ**. Sounds like what happens at AlterNet or any time you stand up to a narrow minded liberal.

Crime Study is a good title for illegal immigration. After all it is supposed to be against US law to enter the US illegally. Hence illegal aliens who sneak into the US have committed a crime! Duuuhhhh Homer! What part of illegal entrant do you not understand???

If you illegal immigration proponents are so brave, bad, brash & tough, take your act to Mexico for a while. March around Mexico City for a while waving foreign flags & demand entitlements you do NOT deserve as a NON Mexican citizen. See how they treat ya.

I**Q**ll send the survivors a rubber hacksaw in a mud pie.

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