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Extreme Online Surveillance in the UK:

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The OSBThe OSB Bill would give the U.K. government the right to order message and photo-scanning, and that will harm the privacy and security of internet users worldwide

The U.K.'s Online Safety Bill (OSB) has passed a critical final stage in the House of Lords, and envisions a potentially vast scheme to surveil internet users. 

The bill would empower the U.K. government, in certain situations, to demand that online platforms use government-approved software to search through all users' photos, files, and messages, scanning for illegal content. Online services that don't comply can be subject to extreme penalties, including criminal penalties. 

Such a backdoor scanning system can and will be exploited by bad actors. It will also produce false positives, leading to false accusations of child abuse that will have to be resolved. That's why the OSB is incompatible with end-to-end encryption—and human rights. EFF has strongly opposed this bill from the start.