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Lavacrete: A Natural Fortress

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If you are going to opt out of the medical cult, as I did back in 2021, you will need to adjust to a lifestyle making less income. The purpose of mandating vaccines as a condition of work was to starve us out of our homes without a source of income. A strong coercive tactic that I refused to give into. Since then, I have been on a quest to find alternative solutions for income and housing. On my quest to find a natural alternative without incurring a 30 year mortgage, I found a magical place called Awareness Ranch in Tucson Arizona. I stumbled upon them while holding to another one of my lifestyle tenets, buying supplies from local farmers. Awareness Ranch doesn't just grow mojito mint for the market. They teach natural building with lavacrete!

What is lavacrete, I wondered? Never heard of it. Could this be the solution I had been searching for? I had to find out. Build class did more than teach me about building with lavacrete. What I found there is worth taking painstaking hours cobbling together a video with lack of decent recording equipment, in my first ever interview with Phil from Awareness Ranch!

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