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Stunner! Republicans, Dems agree to cut down on feds' spying on you

•, By Bob Unruh

The federal budget, borrowing, foreign policy, spending, transgenderism, abortion, global warming, race, special rights for some groups and more.

These are all issues on which Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided these days.

But there's one issue one which there's bipartisanship: Spying.

And that very bipartisanship has prompted advocates for the Joe Biden White House to fight tooth-and-nail to defeat congressional plans.

This is according to a commentary by Bob Goodlatte, who represented Virginia's 6th District as a Republican in Congress from 1993 to 2019, and Matthew Silver, deputy director of Federal Government Affairs at Americans for Prosperity and previously served as legislative director for Rep. Warren Davidson.

They explained the Biden administration's fear of two-party agreement at Real Clear Wire.

They explained that Americans are tired of, and members of Congress want to rein in, "intrusive and unconstitutional surveillance by the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other federal agencies that rifle through our emails, text messages, and phone calls without a warrant."

They noted the bipartisan nature of the concern and then warned that has prompted "former intelligence agency officials to carry the Biden administration's water by lobbying hard to kill this reform-minded coalition. Stewart Baker and Michael Ellis, lawyers who served in the National Security Agency and the National Security Council, warn conservatives that 'left-wing activists' are tricking conservatives. How are they tricking conservatives? By working across the aisle to support reforms that would force federal agencies to get a warrant before searching through American citizens' personal communications and information," the column explained.

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