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Ron Paul's Heroic Struggle To End the Fed

• - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

But do you know how the slogan, "End the Fed," forever associated with Dr. Paul, became popular?  After Dr. Paul spoke to a student group at the University of Michigan, the audience was so charged up that a number of them took out Federal Reserve notes from their wallets and burned them. The demonstration attracted quite a bit of attention at the time. After that the slogan took off. Everybody was saying "End the Fed!"

Dr. Paul gave a succinct summary of the case against the Fed in 2009.

"What unprecedented anti-Fed days these have been! We had our Audit the Fed Congressional hearing, in which the central bank — for the first time in 96 years — was put on the defensive. End the Fed was chosen as a Main Selection of the Conservative Book Club; this book, the first anti-central banking bestseller in American history, debuted at #2 on and #6 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

End The Fed — which the Mises Institute's Lew Rockwell calls "readable and persuasive beyond belief" — can climb up the NYT and WSJ lists week by week, eventually reaching #1, if you help me. Please, buy a copy. Buy one for a friend or family member. Spread the word. One businessman bought copies for all his 23 employees. Others have given them to students, a favorite use of mine.