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She's Self-Sufficient on Half an Acre

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Through her online community of homesteaders, The Grow Network, and her book, The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living, from Growing Food to Making Medicine, Marjory Wildcraft has been the female leader in self-sufficiency for over two decades.

In this video, I drive across Puerto Rico to her half-acre self-sufficient homestead to gift her six food trees I had growing on my roof deck; four Moringas, a Beach Almond, and a Lime Tree.

They had gotten too big for their pots, and will be much happy in the ground on Marjory's mini-farm. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to spend some time learning about gardening and homesteading from the master herself.

Plus, I was able to catch a medicinal plant talk from Maria Benedetti, the author of Earth and Spirit: Medicinal Plants and Healing Lore from Puerto Rico.

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My Plan B Blueprint to Become Anti-fragile

The US and US dollar are clearly deteriorating. And there is a lot of danger in having too much exposure to a crumbling empire.

That is why I have a Plan B, which has allowed me to:

• Cut my tax rate to 4%

• Use that savings to invest in real assets, precious metals, and crypto

• Gain a second residency and apply for a second passport

• Diversify internationally

And much more.