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Study Reveals "growing numbers of parents and high school students are worried about-

• by B.N. Frank

How technology is used in American schools is not the same for all students.  For many years already, tech experts (aka "Silicon Valley Parents") have taken drastic measures to limit their own kids' use and exposure to screens.  This includes sending their kids to low-tech and/or no-tech schools as well as making their nannies sign "no screens" contracts (see 123, 4).  In the meantime, many American public schools continue to use "high-tech" curriculums though some have started to ban students' use of personal cell phones.  Of course, "high-tech" curriculums allow for online activity monitoring and a growing number of parents and students are becoming more concerned about that.

From Gov Tech:

Study Raises Concerns About Monitoring Students, Blocking Content

The Center for Democracy & Technology, a nonprofit that promotes digital rights, found that a small and shrinking majority of parents and students feel that monitoring student behavior online is worth the risks.

Arianna Prothero, Education Week, Bethesda, Md.