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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud


•, by Joe Hoft

Prominent pollster Rasmussen has decided that it cannot produce accurate polls on elections because of the massive amounts of voter fraud occurring in this country. 

Rasmussen will begin to provide evidence for why they cannot produce their results. 

Rasmussen reported the following yesterday.

Rasmussen then shared an example of election fraud from the 2020 Election.

Over 830,000 ballot impressions were illegally destroyed after the 2020 Election.  No one has been held accountable for this crime.

Another 150,000 ballots were identified during the recounts in Fulton County, Georgia that were supposedly mail-in ballots but they had never been reviewed.  These ballots were identical and were not folded and yet we were told they were mail-in ballots.

VoterGA sued the county to be able to review these ballots.  The lower court said they didn't have standing after leading them on in a 9-month trial.  The Georgia Appellate Court agreed some months later, and then finally last Christmas, the Georgia Supreme court said VoterGA had standing and could therefore review the ballots.