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NFL and Raiders star Chandler Jones claims he was taken to a mental health hospital...


NFL star Chandler Jones claims he was taken involuntarily to a mental health hospital by the Las Vegas fire department last week.

In an alarming social media post Monday night, Jones said he has been injected against his will and forced to sleep on the floor.

It comes a week after Jones went on a disturbing social media rant accusing Raiders owner Mark Davis of protecting the identity of a man he claims molested his goddaughter.

Jones, who is the younger brother of UFC champion Jon, later said he had been hacked.

In a post on X, captioned 'First day out but I'm still aligned', Jones wrote: 'First day out, if my fans and friends were wondering, I was taken in by the Las Vegas fire department last week against my will.

'I was injected with I don't know what. They say it was a court hold and the Las Vegas police put me on it. I hadn't done anything wrong. The police said people were concerned about me because of my posts online.

'I answered my front door and a group of 5 to 7 were there to put me in an ambulance where I was later injected and I asked them not to. I had no cell phone or no communication. I was taken to Southern Hills hospital and then transferred to Seven Hills where they tried to force me to take meds and injections.

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