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A Kennedy Libertarian Party Run Could Tilt Election: Officials

• by Matthew Lysiak

"If he made the decision and did the work that needs to be done within the party, I could see him having a massive impact," Angela McArdle, the chair of the Libertarian Party, told The Epoch Times.

Mr. Kennedy, currently running second behind President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, has flirted with a potential Libertarian Party candidacy. In July, Mr. Kennedy met privately with Ms. McArdle, at a conference they were both attending, where he notably expressed his admiration.

"He told me he wants to run as a Democrat but said that he is very libertarian in a lot of ways," said Ms. McArdle. "We are definitely on friendly terms."

In a June interview with the libertarian magazine Reason, Mr. Kennedy acknowledged his ideological leanings, saying, "I've always been aligned with libertarians on most issues."

Mr. Kennedy had already garnered the support of some of the party faithful, many who were won over by his populist messaging and who are currently volunteering in his campaign, according to Ms. McArdle.

"Some of the things he has done over the last several years are admirable," she added.