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UAW's Real Enemy Is Forced EV Conversion

• by Andy Puzder

The UAW is now engaged in a strike of historic proportions against America's big three auto manufacturers: GM, Ford, and Stellantis (owner of Chrysler). But it's the Democratic Party's climate activists who pose the most significant threat to American auto workers today – the forced transformation of the U.S. auto industry from gas to electric-powered vehicles (EVs).

As for the strike, the UAW's demands include a stunning 40% pay raise over the next four years. According to CEO Jim Farley, that increase would put Ford "out of business." Yet, in a response that hardly seems miserly, Ford has offered a 20% increase over the life of the contract and an immediate 10% increase.

For a starting point in negotiations, it's strong evidence of good faith, if not generous. GM and Stellantis will likely make offers in that range. But the final number won't mean much to the union workers whose jobs disappear.

Turns out that it takes 40% fewer employees to manufacture EVs than it does to manufacture gas-powered vehicles. According to a recent analysis by James Sherk and Jacob Sagert at the America First Policy Institute, the Biden administration's proposed EV rules will eliminate at least 117,000 existing auto manufacturing jobs.