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US Meteorologist Warns: "Winter This Year Going To Be Very Different" As El Nino Ramps Up

•, by Tyler Durden

He said the El Nino weather phenomenon will "affect how much snow we get and how often we see it, but it's also going to change when the snow starts."

Hall constructed a map of the US regions that usually see the first measurable snowfall: 

Moving on to this light blue region, this is where we have a lot of data supporting an average first snowfall of around December 30th. This includes Raleigh, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, Little Rock, and Dallas. Essentially, sometime in January is when you're going to see your first snow down here. But beyond this, we can get a little bit more detailed with our first snowfall date because we have a lot to work with as far as historical averages go.

In the darker blue here, we typically see our first snow either after December 15th or before December 30th. So that narrows it down a lot. This includes places like Bowling Green, Kentucky, and St. Louis. 

This light purple zone indicates an area where we expect to see snowfall sometime between December 1st and December 15th. And now we're talking about places like Washington DC and Cincinnati and Peoria, Illinois. 

Now, once we get into this darker shade of purple, we're talking about a large area of the US seeing their first measurable snowfall between November 16th and December 1st. This is Chicago, Pittsburgh, and a lot of southern New England. It's very important to remember that these are just historical averages.

Especially in this pink zone, where on average, we see our first snow between November 1st and November 16th. There tend to be some major swings up here. 

And then, of course, the final gray zone here shows us where snow can occur as early as October 2nd, which is actually around the time that this video goes up. But there you have it.

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In other words, be ready for anything. With HAARP and the bunch of other installations around the world like her, AND the chemtrail particulates in the air, government and the military can bring you just about any weather they want. Somebody should start an AI generated chart of guesses regarding what government and the military will do next.