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You Won't Believe How Much LGBTQ Content Disney Produced Last Year


That's right. Disney.

"Walt Disney Studios included LGBTQ characters in all five of its Disney theatrical releases. While the LGBTQ representation in some films was groundbreaking in kids and family spaces, such as Lightyear and Strange World, other films' inclusion was more minor, such as Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and other Marvel properties," GLAAD writes in its summary of Disney.

In recent years, Disney has faced criticism for its approach to addressing LGBTQ+ themes in its content for children. Long gone are the days when parents could feel confident that Disney would protect the innocence of children, rather than introduce them to concepts of sexuality under the guise of "inclusivity."  But the problem is apparently much worse than you ever expected.

By GLAAD's count, Disney released 59 films last year, 24 of which they designated as "LGBTQ inclusive."