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Some Embalmers Say White, Fibrous Clots Showing Up; Others Say It's A Conspiracy Theory

• by Allan Stein

Some embalmers say that starting in 2021, they suddenly began seeing an "anomaly" during that process—a phenomenon of long, rubbery, white masses inside the blood vessels.

Others say they have seen nothing new.

The Epoch Times contacted embalmers and funeral directors from around the world to understand the disparity.

An Oklahoma mortician responded, saying, "Yes, the embalmers at this funeral location have all encountered this phenomenon, each multiple times during embalming in the last two years." A funeral director in Pennsylvania told The Epoch Times: "We've seen this stuff—absolutely. We've seen it enough to discuss it within the company."

The mortician said his company thought the white, fibrous clots were just an anomaly.

"What do I attribute it to? I don't know. I've never seen anything like it previously," he said.

"As far as numbers, it's hard to say. When we first started noticing it in 2021, it was like, 'Oh, wow, I wonder if their cholesterol was off the charts.'