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Confirmed: Mexican Cartels Are Now Inside the U.S. Forming Gangs and Sniper Nests...

•, by Ethan Huff

Soon it will all be readily apparent to everyone, but right now most Americans are too busy TikToking and gorging themselves on GMOs, vaccines, and transgenderism to notice that the United States is being taken over by Mexican drug cartels.

America's southern border is already a war zone, according to eyes on the ground. And this is the direct result of many decades' worth of open-borders policies that have reached a pinnacle under fake president Joe Biden, who has left the southern border basically wide open for anyone to enter.

Since Biden was "inaugurated" in 2021, some five million illegal alien "migrants" have poured through and resettled here. And along with them are cartels like the one that now controls a 170-acre island in the middle of the Rio Grande River that contains sniper nests and is possibly booby-trapped.

Federal Border Patrol agents are doing what they can, but in most cases they are being completely overwhelmed by wave after wave of mass migration into the country, which has created a situation where Mexican gangs have slipped in unannounced and now have a foothold in the country.

America will soon be Mexico – and some would argue it already is

The aforementioned island, located about 250 miles south of San Antonio, is one such area of the U.S. that is now under the complete control of a Mexican cartel. And this is just one of many no-go zones that is popping up in the former "land of the free."