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Exclusive Report: Prepare For U.S. Terror Attacks!

•, Bowne Report

In Chicago, the locals have finally had enough of their Democrat overlords.

It is these blue city stronghold voices, not the voices of the majority of America, that temporarily moved the Biden Administration to finally halt the UN-planned invasion of America. Meaning that it will continue if and when Biden is re-elected.

Meanwhile, the carnage of pure chaos streams across our border as yet another bus crash kills 18 migrants. Unchecked disease embeds itself into the heartland as Tuberculosis skyrockets. Drugs flood in like a tsunami.

And the child trafficking network of drugged children used as cover for a myriad of criminal enterprises is totally neglected by the mockingbird media.

While thousands of possible terrorists flood into cities across America funded by the United Nations to sit and wait. Wait for what?

America, prepare for U.S. terror attacks. The writing is on the wall.