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Seek Justice for the Vaccine-Injured by Striking Down Manufacturer Immunity


This is how the legal system achieves justice, and it prevents the manufacturer from continually producing and selling a harmful product, due to the threat of being sued.
But for some reason when it comes to vaccines, justice is ignored, and the manufacturers are immune from liability. Curiously, no one seems to be questioning this. Perhaps it's because the people who are most vocally resistant to vaccines are not actually vaccinated, so they haven't given much thought to those that have been harmed by them. But it is important that all of us care. 

In order to prevent manufacturers from selling a defective product, there must be the threat of punishment. But the only people that have standing to bring a valid claim against them are those that have actually been injured. These are the victims of vaccine side effects, and their number is growing.

They are a marginalized population that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media and considered to be the result of an unfortunate but necessary evil in order to protect the health of the general populace, or the "greater good". While politicians are quick to use the vaccine debate for political gain, none have lifted a finger to help the ones who have suffered the most.

If it weren't for this corporate immunity, it would be easy to bring a case of negligence against the vaccine manufacturers. All that needs to be proved is duty, breach, causation, and damages.