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Ironies Abound


This morning I received several images and reports that were published on the internet in the wake of my Substack post that our book, The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, has been banned on Amazon.

The first was from a friend in Utah who frequently visits the Goodreads website for book lovers.

1). At the top of the heap is a book that dares question that prudence and morality of mutilating teenagers. Amazon claimed it was removed for violating its hate speech guideline. The book is still available for sale on

2). A paperback edition of the second banned book is for sale once again on Amazon.

3). A hardcover edition of the book by Ezra Pound, Oswald Mosley et al. is once again for sale on Amazon.

4). Hitler's Mein Kampf is indeed NOT for sale on Amazon, though many books about Mein Kampf are for sale on Amazon. Interesting enough, given the notoriety of the author, it's a dull book about young Hitler's "struggle" as a down and out aspiring painter in Vienna and his resentment and hatred of innumerable institutions and groups. If it were for sale, I doubt it would convert many hearts and minds to his worldview.

5). The fourth on the list—ranked neck and neck with Hitler's boring account of his wasted youth—is my book (with Dr. Peter McCullough) about the suppression of repurposed, FDA-approved drugs for the early, ambulatory treatment of COVID-19 in order to prevent people from going to hospital and dying.

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