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Hamas offensive the result of Washington's hostility to Palestinian rights


Saturday morning saw a turning point in the ongoing struggle between Israel's apartheid system and the Palestinians who must live under it. Hamas launched a massive, well-coordinated, and brutal assault on Israel, taking the Israeli government and military completely by surprise. 

This is certainly only the beginning of a lengthy period of intense bloodshed, even by the standards of Israel and Palestine. But it need not have come to this. There were and are other paths. Many of those have been intentionally blocked for Palestinians by Israeli and American decisions. Ultimately, Israel, with its militarist nature and ultra-nationalist Zionist ideology, is incapable of seeing alternatives. The United States, despite the political pressure any White House is under, is the party making the freest choices. And the administration of Joe Biden has chosen to back a far-right Israeli government and disregard Palestinian rights to an extent even his predecessors rarely approached.