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The Forbidden Truth: Israel and the U.S. Are "Toys of the Billionaires".

• By Emanuel Pastreich

Rivers of blood and piles of rubble mark the wounds that cover both Palestine and Israel, which are made of the same soil and water, and all inhabited by people, plain people. These wounds are traces of a subterrain battle involving Jews, Arabs, and plenty of secret partners, a battle that now threatens the entire world in the manner that the killing of Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire threatened Europe in 1914.

The one thing that the politicians have not been saying to you in the days after the attacks that left Israelis, and then many more Palestinians, dead, is that we should make sure we know what happened before we take any action, that we should know who our true enemies are before we start swinging a sword.

They know full well that once the Israeli Defense Forces start the process of starving and killing the impoverished people of Gaza, there will be no way back to reason, to level-headed policy. We will be committed to a horrific war that we never wanted. That is the whole point. Once you tell millions of people trapped in a ghetto to disappear, or else, then anything, any horrible thing, becomes possible.

And the Jewish protesters in New York City demanding that all Palestinians in Gaza be eliminated were clearly crisis actors, not thoughtful citizens. We are witnessing a show, but the deaths that will follow will be no show.

This rush to action, to judgement, this jump deep into clouded hysteria is not accidental.