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Wild-Haired Former Rocker Promises to Remake Argentina if Elected President

• Wall Street Journal

Javier Milei says he will permanently sideline establishment politicians from "the political caste" he blames for high inflation

The self-styled libertarian pledges to lay waste to the country's institutions and to the career politicians of all political stripes he calls "useless parasites" who form a "political caste" that must be excised.

"The caste is trembling," he said. "This is no time for nice words and good manners."

With this country of nearly 46 million mired in its worst economic crisis in a generation, the eccentric economist should finish first Sunday in the election's first round, though most likely not getting enough votes to avoid a November runoff, polls show. His main opponents are Economy Minister Sergio Massa, a Peronist movement stalwart who has cut taxes for millions in recent weeks to gain momentum, and center-right candidate Patricia Bullrich, whose coalition ruled from 2015 to 2019