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Weaponization Of Fanaticism Why Leftists Love Islam Even Though Islam Hates Them

•, By Brandon Smith

It is a classic destabilization and globalization strategy reminiscent of WWI – Whenever Americans begin to rally around their own culture, their own security and seek to solve their own problems, suddenly another foreign conflict arises which for some reason requires us to drop everything we are doing and intervene.

For many readers it might not seem like much, but after nearly a decade of woke cultism and far left efforts to deconstruct the US there has been a backlash which is now threatening to suffocate the social justice movement. BLM in on a steep decline, SJW infested universities are suffering from dwindling enrollment and lack of legitimacy, woke Hollywood is burning and their profits are collapsing, the trans agenda is finally being obstructed and multiple states are blocking efforts by queer activists to target and groom children, and, focus has been returning to the dangers of open-border policies with a majority of Americans now demanding something be done.